Member number issue

I do not seem to have an acceptance email or member number but I have an account. How do I go about recovering that?

In Practiscore there is no member number or account number. Your email is what is used to determine that it is you and tracking you at matches.
If you’re talking about say a USPSA member number or IDPA member number then that’s a totally different thing.
Does this answer your question?

Yes it does. Which unfortunately doesn’t fix my problem but it lets me know who I need to talk to.

What is your problem then? You only need an email address and password to have a PractiScore account.

To have a member number depends on the discipline (uspsa, IDPA, ipsc) or club you are shooting at.

Correct. Which was addressed in the previous reply. I got the number figured out. The person I was talking to prior to posting did not understand what I was asking.