Matches Not Showing In "Upcoming Events" Of My Dashboard

Matches for which I have registered don’t always show up in the “Upcoming Events” portion of “My Dashboard”. I have verified that the email address used to register for these matches is correct … Is there a way to have the website re-scan for upcoming matches?

Hi @Rick_Williams,
What match(es) aren’t showing up on your upcoming events list?

If you are talking about matches such as the upcoming Feb 19th Las Cruces match you are registered for .It may not show up since you are using an email not the same as your PS account email. IF you added the sds email to you additional emails after you registered it will probably miss it as the additional email is there for past email match results.
You also have your actual account email [email protected] listed in the additional email section which may be contributing to your problems. It only belongs in your email slot for your account.

One is a local match “Las Cruces IDPA February 19 2022”. Our local matches never seem to show up in my “Upcoming Events” .

Another is the “2022 Arizona State IDPA Championship Staff plus Non Staff Competitors” match. In this case, the match director registered me for the match. I know he used the correct email address, since I received a “Personal management link” email for the match.

I also took D.J Petrou’s advice and removed my P.S account email address from the “Additional Emails” list.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Both of these matches you listed are using your old email.
I would suggest that your “old” email is not the correct one to be using.