Matches listed in Recent Events that I did not participate in

I have several matches listed in my recent events that I did not sign up for and did not participate in. I have shot at the club in the past. It appears that the match director may be submitting results that list any person that has ever shot their match. Is there a way to remove these matches or my name from their list?

If you could share the exact matches that are showing up in your recent events that you did not shoot or that are showing results that you did not create. I would be able to help a little bit more.

Hi DJ,

I apologize for not responding earlier. The matches are the BLGC Steel Challenge in all of 2021.

I just took a look at this and I believe you are correct about what is being submitted.
What I would like you to do is to reach out to the match director and ask him to remove you from the list of shooters being posted in those matches.
It will require he remove you from all the matches and re-post them. Shouldn’t take him 10-15 minutes.
If he refuses or will not then let me know and I can move forward with another option.


Thanks DJ. One separate question. I had a friend ask me to register him and his son for an upcoming match because he is working in a remote area without internet service. I signed in to my Practiscore account and registered and paid for them with their USPSA numbers and correct division and class. I have two questions:

Since I listed their USPSA numbers will their scores be properly recorded with USPSA?
Is it possible to move their match information to their PractiScore accounts if they want them moved?

Thank you,

When a shooter registers the really should register under their own account.
The better course of action would have for you to log into your friends accounts then register them.
Currently they are registered as you, with a different name, as all shooting is tracked via the email used to register or shoot with.
NOW, what has to happen is for someone to contact the Match Director and have them either go into registration or into the master tablet before the match starts and change the email listed under the two individuals.
IF it is not done then I will guess that possibly with the correct USPSA number and name but a different email their results could get rejected… Could not, but if they do it becomes more of a rats nest to fix.
Hope this helps