Matches from another shooter showing up in my results list

My IDPA number is A136577.
Bryan Blair’s USPSA number is A136577.
Two of his matches are showing up in my results list.
“CCSC October Saturday Steel Challenge” and “Hawkeye Gun Club September 2021 Match”

Same issue for me. My USPSA number: A137714
Michael Russel’s IDPA number on the match shows A137714. But looking this up on the IDPA site yields no results.

I’ll take a look at it this weekend.
I might have to get webmaster to look at it on Monday just FYI.
I’m not sure we’ve ever had this happen before

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Seems like the website is not delineating the difference between different sports member numbers.
It’s something the webmaster will have to work on when time allows.
Currently the web guys are ensconced with a large time consuming project.