Matches didn't show on my dashboard

I participated in my first Steel Challenge match on June 27th, 2021, and noticed that scores didn’t show on my dashboard. I’ve shot 2 other matches a few months back and they didn’t show on my dashboard either. I can see the score with my name on it but I can’t link it to my dashboard.
Please advise, Thank you.

Did you provide your PS account email when you registered for the match? That is how the system tracks individual scores😁

I think I did. I registered it on PS and I saw it auto-filled with my email address. Should I contact the host of the match?

Thank you

Check with the match director and have them make sure that you’re correct practiscore email is in the match file. if not they can correct it and then repost the match.
If he has done all that and the email is correct let us know if it’s still not showing up

Gocha, Thank you

I have a similar problem to OP. I did not register prior to the match, but contacted the director and provided email and uspsa # afterward. He updated the file and reposted it. 40 min later Score logs empty on my dashboard.
If I look at Recent Events it is empty also. I have tried to pull my associated matches into my dashboard with but it searches by phone number, not an email.

Thank you, I’ll try that. I’m starting to give up. I contacted the match director and they said they will look into it.