Match type and sub-type changing

I’ve created my match on the website as Points Down but when I import to my iOS device it is changing the match type to IDPA Hit Factor. I deleted the match and input again but the same thing happened.

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This issue is still being looked at by the web team.

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Yup noticed that this morning setting up a templet.

So what scoring do I use that is the equivalent to points down. When I pull up the match on my tablet it gives me scoring options that do not work for our type of match. I still have 2 weeks to my next match and want to get something figured out just in case. I have some resistance to changing our scoring to PractiScore within my club and want to be sure everything works as smoothly as possible.

If you will share with us what you need or you can email me directly we will be able to help you out.
[email protected]

DJ - I emailed you but have not yet heard back and the clock is ticking.

We run an outlaw match that is somewhat like IDPA with points down and time added up to the final score.

Also, if there is a way to have different types of scoring for different stages that would be helpful. Sometimes we run different types of stages, steel, IDPA, USPSA types on the same day.

As far as using the Points Down match type.
The scoring in the type is Exactly as scoring is done in the IDPA match type.
The posted results will show “Points Down”

Running a match where the system scores different match types in the same match is not possible. You might be able to set up multiple matches using different match types for those stages and then use the series format to blend them together. It would be cumbersome but might work.
You would have to play with it and test it to see if it would work to your satisfaction.

Thank you. It looks like this will work. I used IDPA in the past but may have hit the wrong button and it would not give me this scoring. I just changed my match and loaded onto my master tablet and it looks like it is working. I appreciate your help!!!

On the main iOS match page you will also see this for now. Eventually it will change. But it is part of the code relic and will change one day. Not to worry.