Match/Time management (Match Progress)

Is there a way I can see a particular competitor’s total time he took to shoot each stage, the start time and end time, his average time to shoot all stages.

This is primarily for Steel Challenge matches I run. We use Bluetooth timers. We have a core group of shooters every match and I would like to balance the squads with actual historical data/numbers. Is this info somewhere?

Currently we don’t have anything like that. There are squad averages you can see in the match progress view. I’m not sure there is enough data to provide averages for an individual competitors or if these averages would be representative.

Not necessary that individual competitors cause slow downs and you may need to look at the bigger picture.

I run a match with a core group of shooters, I’m trying to balance the squad using historical data so the match can run as efficient as possible due to bay and time limitations. Having each shooters average time they take to shoot a stage can help. How can we extract that data? Or can you add that to a feature request list?