Match Tablet Option: ONYX BOOX Poke 4 Lite

I read the Practiscore blog post on Android tablets since my club is looking to replace our aging Nooks. (Tablet recommendations for the PractiScore app for Android)

I started searching for modern android based e-readers that have native access to the Google Play app store. The ONYX BOOX Poke 4 Lite seems like a good match table candidate.(ONYX BOOX Poke 4 Lite E Reader :: ONYX BOOX electronic books)

Anyone have experience with this tablet (or something similar)?


  1. e-ink display for readability in bright sun light
  2. Ships with Android 11
  3. Access to Google Play store

a. Setting up Google Play Store can be a pain based on the youtube videos I have watch
b. Assuming e-ink display is not as responsive as a capacitive tablet (normal e-ink trade-off)
c. Not a well known brand so accessories could be a problem

I can’t see this particular tablet available in any online stores and is marked as “new” model. I suspect no one has any experience with it.

Looking at the specs, this device seem to have a 6" screen which seem to be small, comparing to other tablets. Most PractiScore users prefer 7" or 8" tablets.

Also the cost of device is unknown. The “Poke 3” model is sold at $279, which is 2…5x more comparing to regular tablets like Samsung Tab 8 or Amazon Fire 8. If the new device is also in the $300 price range – it is above of the most club’s budgets.

Price new for Poke 4 Lite is $150 which is about 50% higher than cheap android tablets. My opinion is the e-ink display is worth the increased price for better readability and battery life.

Good point about the screen size only being 6". That is a 14% decrease in size from the 7" Nooks we currently use.

The Nook 4 is running Android 8 and sells for $120 and it has physical scroll buttons, which is a big plus. Not sure if it has Google Play. But…

You need to consider is that PractiScore app may not be well suited for eink screens. E.g. things related to contrast and scrolling on those devices.

I’ve had to put an extra effort to maintain that stuff for the old Nook tablets, unfortunately it is a quite significant effort and currently it doesn’t bring enough gain, as most users prefer regular tablets.

A simple fire tablet will do what you want, we wait until Amazon has a sale and get 2 for $70 we replace them about every 3 years and sell the old ones back to the club members for $30 each.

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