Match Status on website

I’m using match registration via preregistration codes only.
So basically, clubs sell codes to shooters, and they make online registration for that match. By entering that code, shooter is approved and “paid” automatically.
Only problem is that when we advertise that match, people come via link on website, and see match details with icon " closed", and don’t read anything else…
Can you make an extra icon or status, like, “open”, “open with codes”, “closed”?
I put in text, in first line, that match is open but with entering codes… but they just see “closed” icon and don’t go any further than that…

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This might be something added to the web site in the future.
You can make the match private and then share the private registration link with the shooters. The match will be open and the link is available only to those you share it with…and those “they” share it with… :man_shrugging:t3:

Yes I know of that option, but I want to make our primary website for all matches and registrations, so shooters can come to site and see all details, stages and documents, and then make registration via codes. Our matches are 250+ shooters, so hidden match would be a bit complicated.
I guess I will just have to write that match is open few times in all caps so they can see it …

I agree this would be helpful. Bigger matches might be administered though governing organization but the range would still want the match listed and showing up so people know the regularly scheduled events on that weekend might not be occurring. Plus if it’s a regional event they can participate in, then they can see that registration is open and also see that they need a pre-registration code to sign up. This would be helpful for NRL22-X matches and other big matches like NRL Hunter series etc that are collected and purchased thru corporate but still want to utilize PractiScore for match administration.

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