Match Series IPSC

Hi guys.
Today I had calculation of match series, it was a 5 round league.
I had few issues:
-still no team results, not in android app not in uploaded on website results ( for match series)…

  • Category results not visible in android app, but are visible only when uploaded to website.
  • When going to match series results - by division - print, creates only few rows of black table lines with no visible text.
    -i had one shooter marked “junior” by mistake, but when I go to edit shooters option in match series, i did not see that shooter marked with junior, only when I entered and searched individual matches and found it, and then changed it.


@Vukasin_Gusic please try the pre-release of the PractiScore app for Android 1.7.1.

You can find instructions at

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Thx Euxx, all works with new ver.
All except categoriy leaders not visible in app results

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