Match series do not work


First of all, thanks for a new iOS app 2.0!

Looks like everything is working ok except Match Series. I select 2 matches press “Match Series” and nothing happens. The same when I use … dropdown and choose “Grand Tournament”. Only “Combine Matches” option works.

2 matches I choose are clones, so they are identical with some scores filled in.
Anything else required to make this working?

@Roman_Vynar please email and attach the match export files *.psc for the matches you are creating series from.

Those are recently created match in the app in place + its clone. I haven’'t used any import/export etc. Just created them straight in the app. It doesn’t work for any match basically. If you still want me I can send .psc files. Thanks!

Yes, please send the *.psc files and describe steps you used, so we can reproduce an exact issue.

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Thank you, 2.0.2 fixed this issue!

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