Match security in web and other settings


I am using PS web first time to create a match for sharing results. I got couple of questions for what I did not find any answers.

  1. We are using regional information system to register to match and we get CSV file from that system, which is imported into Practiscore app. Do I need to import shooters also to web or will they be pushed from app with scores? Any way to see in the app, if selected match is linked to match in PS web?

  2. Match PIN. At first, I didn’t find it, because I am not going to use PS web registration. I created registration form, PIN appeared. Is there a way to get match PIN without creating registration form?

  3. Match security in web is quite confusing. To clarify:

  • Hidden Results - if checked, can I still share link to results? If yes, from where I can find the link?
  • Password Protected Results - that one is clear (I think)
  • Private Match - If registration is done outside PS and PS web is used for posting results, then I should set the match as private, otherwise the registration form is also presented (which I do not want, but I had to create one to get the PIN). Correct?
  1. For close to real time updates in web and PS Shooter app, I should enable “Score log”, so result will be sent to shooter’s e-mail and also to PS web?

Thank you in advance,