Match Results Summary - PRS Match - Display of all stages and overall score on same page

I’ve uploaded the results from the PractiScore Android App, and they’re now available on the website. I can see the summary results which shows the totals. I can also see the individual stage results. I’d like to see a set of results that shows each stages scores. I shot in a match where results were displayed in this way. Link to those match results:

The match results for our club are here:

We did not have categories for different types of guns (bolt, gas, tactical) while the match with the individual stage results on the summary did have that.

I didn’t find an export scores option, and I know that I can cut/paste results from a web page. I don’t want to open each individual stage and have to cut/paste but want to get them all on a single page.


@Mark_Bower the only difference between those results is that one is posted from Android app and another one is posted from the iOS app.

Currently the Android app is not generating the individual stage results in the overall standings for PRS and in all other point-based match types when posting to PractiScore website and in the app.

If you’d like to slice and compare your results in a more advanced way, I’d recommend to take a look at the PractiScore Competitor app.

That’s a bummer. I posted it again from the iOS app, and it’s okay.

If the PractiScore team is looking at this, I’d like to request that it work the same on both apps and that the iOS results be the standard. It would be nice to have the summary page and then click to get the summary with details for each stage.


It will be the same in the rewritten PractiScore app, which is currently being worked on.

However the per-stage results in the overall standings don’t exactly scale for large matches and for those users who want to print their results…

But the PractiScore Competitor app provides a more advanced view and comparison of the match results for all match types and on all platforms and it does more.

That makes sense. Perhaps an export option or the drill-down option as described? Maybe an option to do this as a club administrator?