Match Results not Posting to Participants Dashboard

The Scores for our Steel Challenge were successfully uploaded, and I was able to access them for USPSA reporting and Claim Results for Club as usual.
The Results are not showing up in the Recent Events log for the competitors.
These were posted on 8/12/23 for a match on the same date.
SGC Steel 8-12-23
I tried reposting without success.
Any thoughts as to what I may have done incorrectly?

How did you create the match?
Was it cloned?
How did you put the shooters in the master tablet?
Are you using a dedicated master tablet or are you scoring with your master?

Hi DJ,
It was a cloned match.
The Master & Scoring tablet was one in the same… this was a small, 1 squad/11gun match.
Something that did happen in creation of this particular match is that it also cloned competitors, which I had to individually delete.
Those who had entered via Practiscore were downloaded via the “get registration” using the PIN.

What you describe me about it pulling a Shooters and then you deleted them is the exact problem.
Also, we recommend not cloning matches past 60 days so if the original match was more than 60 days old, you should not be using it.
Read this also

Thank you so much for this info…
I am guilty of exactly what you stated.
Lesson learned.

So very grateful for your time and thoughtful response!