Match registration form advanced formatting

I’m trying to format the registration form “so it looks nice”. Under certain selection boxes ie for categories and divisions I’ve added more of an explanation to aid new competitors in making the correct choice for them. I’ve added paragraphs, bold text etc using html tags.

While editing the fields, it looks exactly how I want it. Once out of editing mode, it drops the page breaks and bold text and instead prints the line break and bold tags “br b” etc.

I used the same method for the waiver and that worked fine.

Am I doing something wrong or is an error with the editing page?


Hi Brian,
I’ll take a look at what you are trying to do.
Build a few tests, etc.
Stand by a day or two and I’ll see what comes up.

Hi DJ,

Attached screen shot of editing screen showing correct format:

Screen shot of actual registration page after saving: