Match registration custom field

I have set up the match registration form on the website to have an extra field for club membership number. When syncing the match on a tablet, this field fills in the IPSC number even though the IPSC number is also filled in the form.

Is this a know issue?


What exactly are you referring to by that? Or more specifically what did you do to bring match registration from the PractiScore website to the tablets.

Anyhow, I’d say it is more like a feature. The name of your field likely triggered some fuzzy logic on the website to map the member#, which you see in the app.

It’s when downloading match registration from website to tablet app using the match pin.

The easiest solution is to remove the club member number field. Just thought it strange it mapped the club member number as entered through the website to IPSC# on the tablet.

Right, the fields in the apps are more strict then the registration form you could create on the PractiScore website. You may need to verify that you haven’t accidentally picked one of the “standard” fields.

Besides that, the website is trying to match some custom form fields with that app could understand. So, you may need go remove or rename that custom fields if you don’t want to see it in the app.