Match Progress page sync button doesn't actually work

There was a feature added a long time ago where a sync button was added to the Match Progrsss page on the Android veraion. It doesnt actually work. The expected result would be for it to sync the tablets that are selected on the device sync page. What actually happens is you click on it and it shows messages pop up thay it does but it doesnt actually pull in the scores.

Any chance that this can be fixed? We have run this on state level matches with 20+ squads and hundreds of shooters which means we have tp go back/forth for every sync. I’d settle for a pull sync every 5 min.

Another issue is every time we have a DQ or DNF we prefer to go out and manually sync each tablet to the master to prevent someone from trying to shoot after they have been disqualified or DNF. I’d liKe to suggest the ability to push to the tablets from a master tablet. This would save hours of time from the stats team.

The same sync feature is available from many screens and it been proved to work. Though there might be some quirks.

The sync only pulls data from the tablets selected/checked on the sync screen. One at a time. So, you may see some success message(s) and some may fail to sync if tablet is not available (or not selected, or if its ip address changed over time).

When any stage or squad is locked on a given tablet - that tablet is assumed to be a scoring device AND for scoring tablets any sync does not pull any scores (but only the match, stages and competitor changes).

Also, the progress view may not reftesh with the updated match data. I have to look at that… In the meantime you may need to get out and then back in to the match progress view.

It is not possible to push data to the scoring tablets. And also it won’t be secure, as you won’t know and won’t have control who pushed which data to the scoring devices.

However if your range has wifi on all stages, and you are scoring on Android, your RO staff can simply tap the Sync button at the top of the squad list screen between squads (it could be under 3-dot menu) to get the latest squad changes. You need to make sure to select/check your Master tablet on the sync screen and also make sure it’s ip address does not change during the match, that setting will be on your wifi hotspot.