Match not showing up

I am Match director along with 3 other members of the Willow Hole Cowboys. One of the other Match directors set up the match registration this month. When I go to PractiScore it shows I am a Match director but when I look for the match it says “no upcoming matches”. Why can’t I see the match?

I just looked up Willow whole Cowboys and found that there are actually five clubs with That name and the same address. but only one club host matches so that might be a little bit confusing.

There is in fact one active match at the first club that is hosting matches.

Unfortunately when I look at the folks who are authorized users I do not see your name on the list. All I can assume is that you are authorized on a different club with the same name. Maybe somebody authorized you in the incorrect club? Also if you can help I can get rid of the clubs that are duplicates or are not being used

Apparently that is the problem. I don’t know how it happened but can you delete all the clubs except for the one that has a match set up.


If you will email me directly with your email that you use for Practiscore I can enter you in as an admin to your club.
email to [email protected]


edit: all done! Thanks