Match not showing in results

Shot Chilli NRL22 June COF and it is not showing in my dashboard. I can find it in score search.


Yes the circled one.

This is showing you that if you search chili in the scores page it shows up.
The lower link is actually the scores.

Hi Paul, as DJ noted the match results are published, so at least you can access them there. There can be various reasons why the match scores do not show under recent events in your dashboard. A few of those reasons could be:

  • If the match registration was not online
  • If a different email address was used to register for the match
  • If you were a “walk on” (registered at the match) or made arrangements outside Practiscore
  • If the club imported the shooters into the match without email addresses

If this particular match has shown up for you in the past, consider asking the club if they are seeing your email address in the master scoring pad. If not, the link will not occur to your dashboard. Hope that helps!