Match not showing as completed for only me

Match not showing as completed for me, but my friends are seeing results.

Most likely you need to flush your web browser cache.

On desktop web browser you can also use “Ctrl-Refresh” or “Shift-Refresh” shortcut to force an update.

Thanks, I tried clearing everything and it’s still not showing my match from last Sun, but Sat shows up.

Your previous question was about an incomplete match…

If you don’t see a recent match in your profile. It is likely your match registration on website or on the tablet didn’t have your email entered, or a different email used.

The match was previously on my “upcoming matches”, but never ended up in my “recent events”. A friend sent me a link and I could view the results, and I was listed with a score, etc. Are you suggesting it could be an issue with the match director?

The match shows up under my USPSA account, so my member # was recorded.

Upcoming matches linked with results losely. Without knowing the whole story, including what matches you are referring to I’m only guessing on what could happen.