Match not appearing in club match results

Our last club match results were posted on the day of the match; Feb 5th. The match appears on individual shooters dashboard, but not on the club match results page. No setting were changed since last match. I tried posting the scores again, but it hasn’t worked.

Can anyone help?


I did a whole bunch of digging to track the club and match down. Please explain to me how you are posting results? The club owner is a secretary email and no other admins, is this you? Your personal account is not an admin of the club.
The match was not created in the club and thus will not be listed in the club list.
IF the match was created independently in a tablet it, of course, would not be included on the club website.
Fill me in.

Yes, it is me. I will reply on this post using the secretary email. I accidentally posted this using my personal account

I am the secretary of Para PSC, admin of the page, and it was created using the same process we’ve been using for months. It was cloned from matches that have had scores post successfully in the past