Match missing from "Recent Events" table

Hi there,

I shot a match on Saturday that has the results posted but it is not listed in my Recent Events Table. I registered on-line with my account email. I have searched around but I cannot confirm if I got the registration confirmation email. I can find the match results by searching scores on the website: (search for NRG)

I can also find the match in Competitor by searching with my email and name.
FWIW: They run 2 clubs on this range and the match data link from 24 Apr Norco Running Gun club match appeared normally. The Shoot NRG results did not.

This is not a huge deal but this is the first occurrence that I noticed.


Hi Chuck!

Have you already checked to see if they appeared in the recent events, but were not checked off?

I never uncheck anything but I did cycle it to see if anything changed. 24 Apr is the first match on the list:

The Web department is looking into this…

I shoot a sfpc on May 2. The results do not show up in recent events. I can see trhe results of the match if I go to scores at the bottom of the screen.

I am also missing a match from recent events: “PAS Action Steel 5-6-21”. Another participant confirms the same problem.

Same thing for me. Few missing matches that I can find from the club pages but not from mine. I tried adding all the extra info but still nothing.

Another one here. The results from my last two matches both did NOT show up in my recent events. I had to go search in scores to find the results. Please fix this ASAP.

Let me share this from one of the other threads so you guys can know where we are with this.

Currently the matches are available to view by searching on the scores tab.
So it really isn’t an emergency situation, just a small inconvenience for folks that use their dashboard. (Honestly, I never look for matches I shoot that way.)
So it isn’t 1st tier (Where posting match results are stopped or viewing match results are stopped)
It is more Tier 2 which is, “get to in the near future”.
We should see something in the next week or two.

While you may not use the dashboard, to the people that do, this is a very annoying glitch. Hopefully you guys fix it ASAP.



Thanks for the update! Since the scores can still be accessed, a week or two is cool. :wink:


Gentlemen on this thread. I need to know the exact name of the matches not showing up on your dashboard of recent.
Please refresh your browser before checking.

Just adding onto DJ-
Make sure you clear your cache, not just refresh the page, since a cached version may not show the new matches.

The link to my missing match is in my first post in this thread!

This is the name: Shoot NRG - Saturday, May 1st Hit Factor 2021-05-01

Right so you aren’t missing any others at this time??

I am getting old but I am pretty sure that was the last match that I shot :wink:

(No others are missing that I am aware of)

this one is not showing for me: MichiganCityRifleClub monthly Rimfire Challenge - May 2021

Just checking on an RPGI match that was May 2 that is not showing up on my recent events

Dear Sir,

Thunder Multi-Gun Match Time Plus 2021-03-27 is still missing from my recent events, as of 5-17-21 at 1:36 pm central time.