Match managment link no longer sent

I have been registering for USPSA matches on my Mac and iphone for years . I still receive the receipt from stripe but no longer receive my match management link .

Have you contacted the match director of the match and told them you are not receiving it? Depends on how the match is set up.

Yes I have informed the MD of what is happening . I typically shoot at three different clubs .

You will need to look at your email.
Here is a screenshot of your email inbox on your Practiscore account and a recent mach you registered for.
The match mgt link has gone out. All emails are copied to the PS inbox.
If you are not receiving them it is on the email system, hotmail (which is often troublesome), You will have to address this with your email provider.
I suggest using a gmail account as your Practiscore email as it is always troublefree.
Numerous of the old email systems (hotmail, aol, etc.) are not good at forwarding system emails.