Match management (Steel Challenge)

Is there any way to find out how long a squad took to shoot a particular stage in a steel challenge match?
I’d also like to know how long an individual shooter took to shoot a stage. I know practiscore app has match progress in it but I want more granular details regarding match management.

Is it somewhere in practiscore competitor or the main app?

The Match Progress view shows the duration, min, max and average time between competitors for each squad.

Interestingly in the last 10+ years we get this only request for a sport where shooter comes to a position and nearly no movement required. Also the total times to shoot all stages is from under 1 minute to 5 minutes (looking at the WS data), obviously plus some dead time when shooters are preparing. Though, I wonder how much deviation you are seeing or expecting between shooters?

Anyhow… Since one of the last Android app releases the stage results now have the timestamp when scores are approved/saved for each competitor. This is the only data point we have. You can load all stages into Excel and do your own analysis.