Match location vs club location

Is there any way to de-couple match location and club location? If a club organizes matches in different locations (in our case even countries) then those matches are not found when users search using the location. Or do I do something wrong?
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The location is the club location. You could always change the club location around but the folks that do that find they forget to move the club back.
They will have to find the match by match name.
Consider keeping the match name basic and not using abbreviations. It makes it virtually impossible for a shooter outside of the insiders clique to find a match.

D.J. OK thanks!

it would be a usefull feature anyway…
for example, one club (or profile) has 4 competitions on 4 different location, and the location shown is “club’s location”. then we input in match description another location for that exact match.

sure we can go arround it, but it would be nice to have second location field :slight_smile:

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