Match listing did move from "Upcoming" to "Results" list

There was a tablet snafu at the range; had to recreate a master on a new device - edited the shooters list online before downloading. The Time+ Match on 9/10 is closed, over, & results uploaded, but has not moved from from the Club scheduled list to the Club results list. I found the results thru the main search and “claimed” for the club, but that must be something else.

I’m sure it’s a user error on my end, just don’t know what or how to fix.

Jim Schultz
West Houston Shooters Club

What do you mean by “recreate a master on a new device”?

If you haven’t used the pin# import to pull your match registration, the behaviour you described is expected.

Recreate = download the match registration to a alternate device using the pin#. In this case, downloaded to my android phone “master”, and then synced to a fresh Fire tablet for scoring. Normally I’m using an iPad as a master device, but it inadvertently was set to scoring before I had completed building the match penalties. During the post to pscore process, on both the phone and the tablet (I did the upload from both), I get a screen of IDs, password sets, etc., that I haven’t seen before using the iPad, but did not address any of them.