Match is no Longer Public

Hello! I am starting a PCSL program at my local club, and have made a new club page and a page for the first match. While setting up the match and getting acquainted with the admin side of Practiscore, I set the match to private after verifying that it was searchable (I used my own account and a friend’s account to verify).

After everything was lined up and I set the match back to public, I got feedback from fellow club members in person that they were not able to find the match on Practiscore, which resulted in me having to personally send links to everyone I know that was interested. Not very efficient, lol.

I need this match to be visible in order to get the attention of more shooters. I have searched through several related threads and not found a solution yet. Any help would be appreciated.

The match takes place on October 22nd, and I have verified that the date is correct. I have also already tried setting it back to private, and then to public again. Link here: Home | PractiScore


The first thing you will need to do is to correct your club address.
We us Google geolocator and if you address is not Exactly the way Google uses it then it will not work and your matches will not have a location in the system. (on yuor club page you can see the map shows no specific location)
So I suggest you look up the club address in google and transfer that Exactly to your club address and then in your match address in the match setup.
Then we can see if it works.
Make sure you clear your browser cache before you search or you might just end up looking at the old search results.

@D.J.Petrou I changed the club address and it did nothing to fix the map problem or the search result problem.

My club has separate club pages for each sport we support, and the others have their addresses set up just like I did. Example here: Central Arkansas Shooters Association - IDPA | IDPA | PractiScore

Tried searching with another account on a completely fresh device and got no result.

Edit: Took time to update but the map is updated. The match is still not searchable though.

Try creating a new match. The original match is tagged in the background with the original non working location.
The club itself is now searchable since you corrected the location.