Match emails not going to new email address

I just changed the contact email address on my club profile page, but I am still receiving emails to my old address. The new email address is shown on the match edit page.

Are you receiving emails to your new one too or just your old one? Maybe you can try clearing out your cache or logging out then logging back in?

Just to my old one. I should add that I did not change the email on my personal account.
I’m trying to move all match related mail to a club email address and my mail to my personal email.

What we need to know is this.
You have a personal shooting profile, it uses the email that you use here???
Then you also are the owner of a club? If so, what is the club name? Have you changed the email in the club settings? Then ALSO you have to go into any upcoming or existing matches in the setup section and change the email there also. Every match created has a dedicated email. normally it is the email of the club but often in big clubs they will make the email of a certain match the email of the match director because they may have numerous match directors on different style of matches.
So, just changing the email in the club settings will not automatically change existing or past match emails.
I hope this helps.
D. J.

Changing the email in the edit registration form did the trick.
Thank You both for the help and the quick replies.

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Exactly what I was looking for, thanks a lot

In reading this comment, I changed my email address for an upcoming match that I have registered. Do I have to wait until after the match is complete before changing my profile email address. I have tried to change profile email address now but PS says a duplicate address already exists stopping the change.

OK, are you saying that you chnanged an “already” registered match email?
The proper way is to change your primary email in your account then place your prior email in the additional email section. If your trying to go backwards and change things you could run into issues.

OK, Closing in of changing primary email address if I can find where else it is showing. See attachment. I have looked but not able to find other location.

BTW: an upcoming match was cancelled for which I got a cancellation email from MD using **** as registration. Too cold in TX this weekend to shoot safely outdoors.