Match doesn't show

I have created a new club and a new match but they do not appear on a match search. The Club Name is “CFRPC Action Steel” and the match name is “CFRPC Action Steel January 2022” Is there a time delay before they would appear? Thank you

There is a small delay but.
I currently see a club with that name and they have no current matches.
Are you part of this club? The second one will show up when the site resets.

I am part of CFRPC (Central Florida Rifle and Pistol Club) and the “Club” I just created is CFRPC Action Steel. It appears there is also the second one you mentioned and there is a third that Bob Hunt created called CFRPC. I believe Bob plugged that in under the club field not understanding that the club field is discipline specific. Here is what I have:

I am going to contact Scott White who is listed as the manager for the “CFRPC Action Steel Events” to add Bob Hunt as an assistant and possibly use that. It still does not explain why the “CFRPC” (it has two matches created) and the “CFRPC Action Steel” clubs’ matches aren’t listing.


As I said it sometimes takes time for the website to refresh. :man_shrugging:

Gotcha, thank you. :+1:

D.J. The new matches for the new club still aren’t showing. This sounds like a similar issue with MD Arsenal posting.

We are looking at it today.

We had a little glitch with the search engine showing new clubs and their matches. It is fixed now, take a look. :+1:t2:

D.J. They still are not showing.

Clear your cache.
I just searched on my phone and this is what came up yours and the one that looks like yours. Looking at your match also

YES! I see it now. Thank you very much. Have a great holiday.

Joe B