Match-DNF and Stage-DNF in Points Down scoring


Running an IDPA match with an equipment check and chrono stage, following IDPA rules we want to Match-DNF a shooter that fails certain criteria on that stage.

Why Match-DNF? We want them excluded (not have a score) from the main results, but still allow them to see their times in the Competitor app. Giving a DQ prevents that. We also do not want to show a DQ for certain fails as some fails are specifically Match-DNF as per IDPA Rulebook, so final rules should not show a big DQ next to the name.

Currently for DNF to apply match-wide, it must be set on each stage for the shooter. This is extremely time-consuming and prone to errors. Applying DNF only on chrono stage will still present a final score (chrono stage is counted as 0s). This will place the shooter that did not pass chrono above other shooters that did. DNF on a stage with targets will correctly “hide” the final score.

Am I missing something? Does a Match-DNF exist in PractiScore apps? Can DNF on chrono stage be set up the same as for stages with targets? How do other IDPA MDs handle this?

If not, it would be very welcome to be able to Match-DNF a shooter straight from the stage scoring screen, nullifying their total result but still retain stage results. Or simply having Chrono stage DNF be equivalent to normal stage DNF (null the total result).

Thank you again, eagerly awaiting the 2.0 apps. :slight_smile:

Generally time-scored matches don’t have a common or easy way to handle not for score. Some add large time penalty (e.g. ICORE adds 300 sec for not making PF) and some just enter max time on each stage (like SCSA).

Simply delete that shooter from the match or move him to a Not-For-Score division.

The entry with all scores is still there and is shown by the PractiScore Competitor app and it can be undeleted or edited to see the existing scores.

I was not aware deleted shooters also retain their scores in the Competitor app, that is good to know! So it is only DQ that fully deletes/hides the scores.

Deletion is almost the perfect option for us here, but it looks like Not-For-Score division is even better as that can be applied from the chrono stage scoring page.

How does one setup a Not-For-Score division? I was not aware that even exists.

Actually DQs can also be undone/edited in the PractiScore Competitor app, as well as competitor division, PF, or category…

All divisions are editable in the scoring app. You can add any divisions as you see fit.

Oh, I completely missed that DQ can also be undone/edited in Competitor! Then that actually solves all of my problems. DQ can be selected on the Chrono stage and that’s it. Shooter can still shoot the rest of the match (as it is not a safety DQ).

I thought you meant a separate division that is not included in the overall score either. I understand now.

Thank you for your answers, we will use the DQ option as that is the simplest. Keep up the good work!

There is one problem. A DQed shooter won’t be shown on the scoring tablets for the rest of the match, unless you carefully avoid syncing anything (which is rarely an option).

I still think using a Not-For-Score division is the simplest option.

Actually DQ on the stage is problematic indeed. We most often carry tablets with the squads, and applying a DQ on the chrono stage prevents scoring for the rest of the stages.

The issue I have with Not-For-Score division is that it’s still included in the overall/combined results.

I don’t particularly understand why Chrono stage is handled differently in terms of DNF. If you DNF any “normal stage” final result of that shooter is removed as expected. But if you do it on a chrono stage, final result remains like nothing happened.

The chrono stage is usually excluded from the results as everyone has 0 time, unless it adds some penalty (e.g. ICORE adds time-penalty for non-making minimum PF).

You could keep the NFS results until the end of the match and delete competitor at the end before posting results.

Hmm, I don’t see a downside in Chrono DNF being applied as Match DNF even with that. But of course I don’t know exactly how others use it. Maybe something to consider for v2.0 apps.

In that case, NFS division is used just as “a list of people to delete/DQ”. Essentially same can be done by checking the DNFs on the Chrono stage. It is harder to miss and forget if you have an NFS division though. However, it has to be prepared on the tablet as well.

Ideally we would have the option for Chrono DNF to count as Match-DNF or have an easier option of Match-DNF that still allows scoring for competitor’s benefit.