Match Details on Personal Dashboard

Is it possible to add the Match Details on the personal Dashboards? I shoot a few clubs and if they don’t do payment online then I have usually have to go to the Find Events page to find the address, times and fee.

I’m really not sure how much easier we can make it.
You can simply click on the “Find Events” tab or the “Calendar” tab to see what is going in in clubs that you follow. If you are following the clubs it’s all right there.
How many clubs are you shooting at? I have 6 that I regularly shoot with and know where they are, how much they are ($20, $25 or comp’d if I help with set up) and which Sat, Sun or Thurs of the month they shoot.


I’m new to the area currently and right now I’m looking at the different clubs. Right now there are 5 or 6. And yes I can go to the find events page and find the particular club and match and see the fee, but it would be easier especially if it is a new club for me and I need the address.

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