Match date listed at bottom of registration email is incorrect

I created a match and made sure time zone is correct as well as dates of match. When people register the registration email has an incorrect date at the bottom, ahead by one day. I cannot figure out how this is happening. I created a match from scratch and got the same result. Below are snips of the event showing the date and the registration email showing the date. Any ideas?


Hi Mike!

Will you provide a link to the club so I can run a couple tests on it? If you are more comfortable, you can email it to me at [email protected]

Hi Madison, I sent an email to the address provided. Did you receive it? Thanks for the help!

I did not. Can you resend? Sorry!!

Hi Madison, I will update here. Here is the club link. Thanks for checking on this!

Myself and a couple of our other IT guys have had a look at it, and it’s a glitch. It is harmless, so nothing to worry about, and our developers will have a closer look at it when they’re finished with their deadline projects🙂

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The three matches you have listed on your club do all three of them give an incorrect match date?

Hi D.J. strangest thing is that it is only the IDPA practice that this is occurring with. Thanks for asking!

So what I’ve seen happen before is when you are setting up the match dates if you had initially accidentally hit the 25th and then gone back and changed it possibly almost immediately to the 24th. For some reason just for the email purposes it has remembered the 25th.
I’ve seen that little bug before so at some point the guys will be able to look at it…just don’t have any idea when that might be.

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Thanks for the info. I cloned a match today and it did the same thing so I will leave the email notifications off for now.

Take a read through this when you have time.
I’m sure the cloned match is causing the same problem.

Is this a resurface of the time zone issue, local vs GMT?

I think it’s a clone thing…
#dontclone :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I will create a fresh event and see what happens. Thanks!

Thanks for the replies. I have created a new match from scratch and still get the incorrect date showing on the reply email at the bottom where the link is.

Here is a link to the event if anyone wants to sign up and see the email with the incorrect date.

Appreciate any help in getting this figured out.

Ignore any registrations… I am testing

From the web dept.
" I’m guessing it is the date not getting the timezone right on the email.
Probably missing the conversion from UTC at that point."

So the link is correct and the description is correct and it is after the shooter has registered. Web will put it on the things to look into, but they are currently tied up in other projects.
It might be a bit before it gets corrected.

Thanks so much for testing! No worries on the timing of course. Appreciate all you and the crew do.