Match data from App

How do I get back to a completed or closed match? Also, how do I get a printout results into Excel?


Go to the club’s dashboard and look for the pane labeled ‘Upcoming Matches’. In the upper right-hand corner of the pane you’ll see ‘X total matches’. If you click on that, you’ll be able to see all matches, past and future, that have been posted for the club.

To get match results into Excel, find the match results on the Practiscore site. View the ‘old style’ HTML results, click on the desired view, and then select, copy, and paste the data into Excel.

  • Paul

Sorry, Also, from the android, Practiscore, there is a selection for trophies, I need to get that to excel also.
Is this in the same area?

Depending on the match type you are scoring an awards list would be under the view results section.

Yes, it is visible on the Android, how do I get that view / list out of practiscore to Excel

@Dale_Vanderzee in PractiScore app on your Android device open the scores report. The use “Share” button at the top of the screen to email or dropbox or google drive, etc the *.html report file to get it to your PC. Then on PC - just open *.html file in Excel (start Excel and use File / Open… menu there).