Match Breakdown & Competitor Name List by Division+Class, Division+Category

Any way to add match breakdown for multiple filters and display the competitor list?
Ex. Division+Class, Division+Category
Would love to be able to see list of competitor names broken out this way.


Depending on what your match type is it can be broken down that way on the scores page. You choose what you want to see in the drop down menus. Unless it is one of the sports that only has HTML results.

I was wanting to see this on the match/registration page (prior to match) not in scores page.

The match breakdown chart is good. If there is a way we can click on the numbers and the participant list would populate, that would be pretty neat.

What you can do is to export the registration CSV file and then sort it by the division or category that you want.

There is also a whole bunch of search and filtering options in the PractiScore app (e.g. after you pulled your registration with you match pin#.

Where can I find the pin#? I’m not the MD, simply a competitor who would like to see who I’m competing with from the main page.

You can’t. At least not currently or not untill the results are posted.

Would love to see this feature available on the registration page (prior to match) in a future update. Thank you