Match and Club Search Function

I am the club registration and stats person for Cardinal Practical Shooters. I have posted our summer series of matches and cannot find them in the matches search function and I cannot find the club in the club search function.

Did I check a wrong box? Does it take a few days for them to populate after I create a new club? The club was created on Monday and I still cannot see either in search.

I will have the webmaster look it this tomorrow. :+1:t2:
I need to add that I see you have created matches for your whole year. We suggest not creating more than 2 months out. There will be a large possibility that your later matches will have registration or match posting issues as updates are made to the website.
Please consider only creating matches 60 days out.

Take a look now. It should be working correctly.

I would still be concerned about you your future matches working down the road. IF they stay as they are now and come the fall they act up, we probably can’t necessarily fix them then.


Thanks. Works now.

As far as matches 2 months out…there are dozens of major matches already posted for the summer and fall. Will these matches also be prone to problems?

Quite Possibly.
But majors need to be out there months before so people can make plans. No option there.
Most of the major match MDs have a lot of Stats experience and know work arounds and they mostly are aware.