Master Tablet Crashed- Uploaded Power factor invalid 1 shooter

We had the master tablet crash and the match results on that tablet are gone. We have 1 shooter in our match whose power factor is incorrect production (MAJOR), so it screws the import into USPSA. Since the tablet crashed I have no way of changing the power factor. Is there anyway I can download it from the web site and fix it then reimport?
It is just one shooter! Crap!


The tablet crashing happened after you had posted results to the website?
If I had the match name and all the pertinent information I could take a look at it.

The match name is Wallis Orchard Practical Shooters April 2023
The tablet died a few days after we uploaded it. We found the error when we tried to upload it to USPSA. I am normally pretty careful but just missed it! The shooter is Nguyen, Joseph.


Did you look at the report txt file? Did you know you can edit his power Factor in there?
I just changed him and reposted the results so you can pull the report again as soon as the website updates.
But I would like you to take a look at the report TXT on your computer. Open it up and go down to shooter number 76 which is Joseph. You can compare him to the guy directly above him who is also in production. If you scroll across you will see where he has major listed instead of minor as the guy above him does. You can just edit it.
Something to consider in the future.

The only TXT file I could download was the classifier report. I looked at it however I was not sure it also had all the stage results.

But you are talking about the classifier report that you’re trying to upload to USPSA? No?