Marches will not show up on Matches Search page

I’m helping the Match Director with his new club, MD ARSENAL. Yesterday, we were able to form the club and make two matches, one on 10 Jan and one on 24 Jan. I know they are both open because I found the match and was able to register for both.

Unfortunately, neither match show up on the Match Search page. I can’t figure out why.

Also, the address of the range is in Hagerstown MD, but the map keeps showing COMMA in Iceland. How do I fix that?

Thank You

Hi Paul,
Thank you for your post and appreciate you helping the new MD. Can you get him on here to learn about PS, there are great tutorials.

Is this not the club? Did you create a new one? Having the same names could confuse registrants.
Let me know if it is a different one and we will look into it showing up.

We had a little glitch with the search engine showing new clubs and their matches. It is fixed now, take a look. :+1:t2:
Also, re-save your matches to update and show them.

That did it, Brother. Appreciate the help. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

That is not the club. That individual is no longer associated with that range, (bad terms). Is there any way the owner of the range/ match director of MD ARSENAL can get that deleted? Nothing was ever ran under that club name.

Yep, I’ll take care of it. Hopefully I won’t delete the new one. 🤦:rofl::rofl::rofl: