Manual Squad Sorting

It would be great if we could sort squads by moving shooters up or down the same way we can sort stages. We often have new shooters that we want to put further down the list, shooters using 2 guns that need a gap between them, and safety officers that need to be separated. Currently we do it but then whomever is score keeping has to remember the order and then tell the other score keeper when they hand off the tablet.


Thanks for the idea.
Possibly it will be something that can happen in Practiscore 2.0.

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I’d like to second this. We often run 8-10 person squads with only 2 people able to RO, and often including a new shooter or more. Getting the RO’s separated by a few shooters while the new shooter(s) is/are at the bottom of the stack frequently takes 20+ random sorts, and it’s a really frustrating waste of time. Having the ability to manually move people to a specific spot within the shooting order would make a huge improvement to match setup, and would save me a massive headache as the match director.

Similar to the way stages can be drag/dropped to reorder, but for shooters.