Managing SO registration

How do you guys handle SO sign up?

I currently set up a separate squad for them. The problem is as they are counted in the overall match numbers, I am getting too many regular shooters signing up and using slots I need for SO’s.

Setting up a separate squad/s for them is perfect. Especially if they shoot on “staff day” it makes it easy to score. Create the Squad for them and then reserve the slots. Then you can offer early registration for them with the pass code. OR, as MD you can just install them in the reserved squad of your choice.there are really many options on how to deal with staff.
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Thanks for the prompt response.
My problem is that they shoot in the morning with the regular shooters.
I have them in a separate squad, however this is included in the overall number for the match.
The SO’s tend to be the last ones to register and I am getting too many regular shooters sign up.
It has been suggested to set up a separate match for SO’s and combine the matches when I download to my IPAD. Do you think this will work? and if so how do you go about merging 2 matches together?

Try this,
If you have 2 shooters in each squad who are RO’s then reserve 2 slots in each squad and place them there. Then the total available slots for each match after your RO’s will be correct and you will always have control of slots for them.

I hope this is not to dumb of a question, but how do you reserve slots?

You do it in the Edit Squads/ Schedules menu.

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Thanks D.J, this looks like the way to go for our monthly matches.
One last question with doing it this way, Do the SO’s actually register, or is it just me adding them manually to the appropriate squads.

If their match fee is free you can do it either way…They can register or you can add them to the match…Use the Add Shooter button when in Approve/View shooters.

Hi, so on your screen shots it show the edit squads and schedule menu which is different than when i look to reserve slots for Ro’s… is there a different version?

Hi @Straight_Shooter,

What do you see when you’re looking at reserve slots?

Don’t know if we are using the right version if there is one.

Hi @Straight_Shooter,

When you’re under your edit squad/schedule listing, click on “Show Squads.” On the right hand side, you’ll get an option to either edit the individual squads or delete them. Click on the pencil to edit. Then you’ll be able to adjust the reserved spots.

ah yes i see it now. THANK YOU so much!!!

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