Managing Members in the Membership

We have around 500 people that are members of the Range that shoot our matches. We discount match fees for those members by $4.

Is there a way to bulk delete many members from the Membership section? (CSV Import with a delete flag?)
Is there a way to approve all members or change the status of multiple records from to ?
If someone is listed as a , are they also a member?

It seems like we’re using this feature for more than it was intended.


As you and I have discussed, the membership portion of Practiscore is bare bones. It was never intended to be a full feature membership management tool. Designed only to allow small clubs to have an easy way for members to pay their $20 yearly fee.
We have a Video Conf. today and we will discuss your situation but as we talked about on the phone your needs are probably best served by one of the full feature membership management tools they you can purchase.
I will get back to you on this.

We only use the membership feature to give a discount to people in a list. We’re not using it to allow people to pay for a membership.

Not to hijack this thread but an API that would allow us to maintain said list would be amazing so we could integrate this into our existing membership system and have it live w/ our current membership database.

Hi Kelly!

Could you add it to the “Ideas” category here?

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I manage a small club just like you are saying and am trying to figure out how the membership section works. It says I currently have 34 members but I only see about 10 in the list that I can mark paid or not paid etc…wondering if there is a setting somewhere to correct this so that I can see all members in relation to the 34 number. Thanks.

@Joshua_Cook We are looking at this today for you.

Thank you and I also connected by stripe acct to Practiscore. Thanks.

I just downloaded the csv of members and everyone shows in that but it also says some were removed…is there a way to remove that so they show…i’m assuming that is the reason, however I have no idea of if they were removed why they would still show as members… ¯_(ツ)_/¯. But would love them all to be back and showing. thanks again.

I replied to your email.
The removed folks are ones who used to be members but no longer. They can sign back up but must do it on their end. The spreadsheet shows you who are current members, who are past members and who are following your club.