Making new registration form

I usually copy my previous matches to setup the next ones.
To get the new features I am setting my next one up from scratch.

So I am making a new registration form.

I moved the IDPA number up where I want it. That is a process because you can only pass one field at a time.
Then I want a phone number field so I make a new single line field, fill out the properties and move it up under the IDPA number field only to discover the phone number properties are now in the IDPA number field. Grr

Do I need to scrap the whole thing because it does not let me edit to restore the IDPA number properties.

Is there any way to copy my previous registration form?
I am glad I started this early.

So I deleted the IDPA number and phone number fields and saved it.
Then I edited and added a single line field for the IDPA number.
This seemed to go well until I moved it up under the email field and saved it and it did not stay there.

Is it not possible to change the order and position of the fields in the registration page?

Does it require a save after each new field is made before another can be made?

Looking into this this morning.
After my short test it looks like the fields cannot be moved at this time.
If you want a phone number why are you not using the phone number field instead of a single line field??
If you want some fields required just make them so and registrants will have to completely fill out the form no matter where the fields are located.
Creating a new reg form is the correct thing to do since all the new updates. :+1:

Here is the info.
When you drag and drop a field in the registration edit page it moves (yes, one line per drag) and then when you save it where you want it will save, then send you back to the club main page.
IF you go look at the actual registration form you will see that the lines are where you saved them (the correct spot you want).
BUT back on the edit registration page they are not where you left them but in the original spot.
It’s a little bug that we will put on the list.
Right now the developers on on other projects that have priority but will work on this item when they can.
p.s. your other option is to make the fields required and leave them where they originally fall. Shooters will have to fill them out to complete registration and you won’t have to remember the locations for the near term…

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