Make match registration page public for promoting

Please change site permissions to allow non-registered / member to view the actual match listings. Hopefully as easy as a check box on html folder settings.

I would like to make QR codes for our match flyers directing people to the actual match listing. All I can do currently is direct new people to the Club page. Which still makes them signup/login IF they do scroll down far enough to see the tiny text to click on.


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Hi Kris,
Non Practiscore account holders can view the match search page showing Who is hosting and when matches are. They also can see match results.
To actually see a match registration page the potential registrant must have a free Practiscore account and be logged in.
On your flyers we suggest stating that the registrant must be logged into their Practiscore Account to register.

I am in Alaska, nobody has heard of it. Wouldnt it make more sense to allow clubs to promote an event just as much as a club publicly?

Why would someone signup just to be able to see info on the match? Doesn’t make sense. Just incorporate the registration with the new member signup (make them choose a password)

We will add this into our list of new ideas.
Thank you for your input.

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Thanks DJ!