Mail to all shooters

Hello, a question.
From the android application.
Is there an option to send an email to all shooters?
with squad number information. Squad members, etc. ?

Not currently supported. Mass emailing have a good chance to get your email blacklisted.

However the PractiScore online registration website has an option to email registered competitors. You can also setup your own mail list using using 3rd party services, such as Mailchimp, Moosend, OmniSent, etc. Or even create a Google Group and let your competitors signup for updates themselves.

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Don’t worry, I work in information technology.

Thanks for your answer

This weekend, we have a match, with 224 competitors, and I wanted to know if I could do it from the app, since we don’t use the website.
But we will solve it with the internal list, sending a pdf to all the competitors.
The original idea was to send an email to each competitor, with the squad number and the squad members.

Using the website is the key to making match director’s lives better. :+1:t2: