Looking for right Match Type


i’m looking for the correct match type. Maybe someone does know in which type i can buildup my match.

We organise a little match with the following conditions:

2 Stages:
1 with 5 Steel Targets
1 with 15 Steel Targets

Shooters can try as often as they want (and pay :slight_smile:) ! Best time will count! On the 15 Steel Targets Stages there is a time limit of 30 Seconds. Each Target that was not hit gets a penalty of 5 seconds.

Winner is selected by best time (individual for each stage) no matter how often they try.

Shooters are showing up at registration and will be added as shooter. They can buy everytime 5 rounds for each stage, but if they want they can buy additional 5 rounds as often they want.

Currently we are scoring with a excel sheet but we would prefer to use practiscore for scoring!

Is there a match type available on which i can build up these requirement?


Generally for scoring “best time” + “miss penalties” you can use a plain “Timeplus” or an “Action Steel” match template and customize penalties to your needs.

The main different between Timeplus and “Action Steel” is that in the latter competitor is doing N sequential runs for a stage and best M runs out of N runs are used for score. Both N and M are defined when match/stage is configured and all competitors do N runs.

Also the “Action Steel” scoring is not designed for scoring non-sequential stage runs (it is more like multiple strings/attempts for the same stage). Most common sport using it is the Steel Challenge.

PractiScore apps allow to do an arbitrary number of reshoots for a stage. All previous reshoots are saved.

However there is no option to use the best score from reshoot history. Only the current score us used.

You could get around that by restoring the best score after all reshoots are done for a given shooter. Unfortunately that would be a manual step that will need to be done by RO or stats.