Locking a tablet to 2 stages

I am the IDPA area coordinator for the central US. In IDPA over the last few years most matches have started including a warm-up stage. How hard would it be to add the capability to lock a tablet to two stages instead of one? For example all of our tablets need to have access to Stage 11 and then each tablet would be locked to their specific stage also. Not having this capability has already caused scoring issues at some matches. Basically we have to lock all the tablets to the warm-up stage and then make sure they are locked to the correct stage after that. Any help would be appreciated. TIA

You can lock as many stages as you want.

Also note the “bars” menu icon on the squads list scoring screen. It controls the scoring presentation depending how your stages are run and scored:

  • “side by side bars” - stage are scored side by side - recommended when the same shooter is shooting these stages back to back (either going hot or reloading in between) and then both stages are scored. In this case stages are presented as tabs on the scoring screen and you can switch back and forth

  • “over and under bars” - stages are shot sequentially, one and then another. This is the option to use when you simply need to lock stages but stages are shot one by one, so stages not applicable to a given bay won’t be shown on their tablet.

Thank you so much! I swear that didn’t used to be there. But thank you for letting me know.