Location repeatedly defaults to Portland

I’ve watched the video and followed instructions, ive reset the location from Portland Oregon to South Carolina a gajillion times… but it searches the Portland area (sometimes a random city - checking just now… Cincinnati comes up). So frustrating! It does it when im on cellular and on wifi on mobile or “desktop site” selected. Yes, gps is allowed. Yes, location permission is granted. Every other app on the phone knows where I’m located. Weather app, hiking app, maps …


Do you have your PS account set up with your current location (zip code)?

Yes i DO have the correct zip code

What exact devices are you using to access Practiscore? (phone, Tablet, desktop)

I’m using a samsung s10+. My son gets the same thing with a s9.

The map will sonetimes start off with london (england), then slide over to portland, OR or Houston, tx. Sometimes other cities, never pickens, sc.

After sliding over the map and updating location, if i look at a potential match then hit the “back” arrow… poof. Portland or houston again. It gets old.

What happens if you don’t use a mobile device? Desktop/laptop running windows or Mac.

My laptop (10 year old running win7) went briefly to London England, then to Portland oregon.

Used the laptop to register for a match. Then hit the “matches” button and… briefly London, then back to Portland. I DID update location after sliding over to south carolina, prior to registering.

Been looking at it a bit today.
I have one of the web guys looking at it too.
Have you cleared your browser cache then rest your location??

Yes i deleted cache AND tried with a different browser (chrome). Went straight to portland.

Can you private message me with your ip address.
you can use https://whatismyipaddress.com/
The web guys want to see it.

Done. You should have it.

It shows the correct geographic location