Linking match results problem

Hi, last 2 months have problem with linking match results from android app.
I click lookup button, there I have club admin email saved,
click to lookup and get NO RESULTS message.
I have to switch onto some previous match and copy club ID from there.

Any advice is highly appreciated.

The “PS ID” field doesn’t do much about results linking. It is an optional field you can ignore. You get your results automatically linked with your club when you use pin# to import of the match registration to your master tablet.

Alternatively you should be able to use “Claim results” on the results web page to link your results with your club.

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Thanks for quick answer, but I dont search for alternative options, they are known :wink:
I just want PS Id to work.
and yes PS id - does do linking, linking is its purpose.
it was very convenient to use

Okay then. Bouncing to the website category.

also when you claiming results from website, the results dont come up to the start of the list, but appear randomly at the end of the list (no sorting by date)


and when I entered pre-copied club id and resubmitted - it appeare sorted at the beginning of matches list

I’m having the same issue today. Did everything normally, downloaded my shooters using the match pin, collected all the results, go to ‘post to’ and it posts but won’t link to any of my shooters nor my club. I don’t understand either. Following to see if you get any help here

I’m having the same issue, and it started back in April or May of this year. Is the ‘PS ID’ deprecated? I’ve tried it with 2 different clubs I’ve managed and had the PS ID Lookup work for in the past, and both stopped working, although only one of them matters anymore. Can we get an official position on whether PS ID Lookup is deprecated or still intended to be functional at this time? Tried on Android devices (samsung and Kindle).