Limit number of guns per match

Is it possible to limit the number of guns an individual can register in a single match?

  • Paul

We do not have a way to limit the number of time a shooter registers.
Are you stating in the match description that they can register only (X) number of guns in a match?

Yes. However, this has gone largely unnoticed or ignored. I have resorted to withdrawing guns, but it would be gentler if the interface refused to allow a single user to register more than X guns per match.

  • Paul

I’m going to move this to the “Ideas” section and we will look into it.
Thanks for the Idea!

I too would appreciate this feature.

I’m curious.
As match directors, you list in the match description “Shooters may register up to two guns” or something like that and the shooters disregard your statement???
If so then you just remove any extra registrations?
The offending registrant can’t really complain now can they?
Plus it is so simple when you are using best practices and checking your registration every day or two to catch it.

Unfortunately people will do what they want often disregarding the rules. But we make it pretty darn easy to police.


@djpetrou it is a error-prone and a very time-consuming task to manually remove any duplicated registrations in an any more or less large match…

Agreed, Eugene. Anything that can help ease match administration would be welcome.

DJ, people being people, there are always complaints when someone is withdrawn. As I said, I just think it would be gentler if the web site limited the registration rather that having to use a hammer (withdraw the shooter).

  • Paul

First, what shooting discipline? Are you refering to how to do this in Practiscore?

Several clubs in my section, do not allow “second guns”. Not certain how they impose that. Well reach out and see how they do that and if they do it in match setup in Practiscore.

Hi Gene :slight_smile:
Match directors impose the “no second/third guns” rule by deleting duplicate registrations. We do not currently have a way to stop people from registering multiple times.

Thank you, Madison.