Law Enforcement Annual Qualification Scoring

Hello, I am a long time shooter with USPSA and IDPA and was just assigned as the rangemaster for my agency. I love using practiscore in training and have figured out how to use the app to show improvement with students and their hit factors by conducting a scored bill drill, beginning and end. With this, I was looking to see how we can run and score our annual qualifications through the app and be able to download the data. I know I can do an excel work book on a computer but doing everything from a tablet like we do at matches would be way easier. Texas LE Qualifications typically have several strings of fire from different distances, one timed reload (rounds have to be fired before a specified time) and in the end all hits have to be scored to get an overall score. This is definitely not a hit factor scoring, need something to simply show accumulated hits at each distance and provide a total score at the end. It would be nice to be able to specify zone values on the target. I know its a reach but I’ve researched scoring apps for qualifications and there’s just nothing out there yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

It sounds as time is not tracked for scoring (par-time for reload stuff is not entered anyways)… If so, have you looked at the NRA action or Bullseye match type?

Thank you! That was very helpful and works. I’ll have to play with the registration side of it to stream line the process. Thank you for your help!

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