Latest score to be associated to my profile

Here’s the last Tier 1 competition I took part in:

My name was added by the match director manually as the registration was closed.
#81- Luca Iacono (mmShooter_5634943) is the wrong profile. The correct one is this: mmShooter_5402397.
I kindly ask you to map the score in the above competition ( Summer Time 2023 - IDPA 2023-06-28 ) to my correct profile (mmShooter_5402397).
The MD told I could do it from the score page, but for some reason I don’t have the Claim Result button. Thank you in advance.

Unfortunately, because the way your name was added to the match. Not through the conventional registration online which automatically connects your account.
There’s a good chance this match will not connect to your dashboard. The match director can double check the email to make sure it is written “exactly” as needed then repost the scores to the website. That is the only chance you have of that being connected. We cannot trace and reconnect a registration that was added manually.

Hi D.J, thank you for your prompt reply.
the MD sent an email via the platform and it worked, so it’s a shame really.
It’s going to happen again, and again I am sure. I can only hope someone will come up with a workaround or a fix. Thanks

Register for the match on the website and you won’t have a problem. :+1:t2: